Child's shoes
Pale blue satin, bound with darker blue and lined with white kid, flat leather soles, fastened with ankle straps with centre white button and worked buttonhole. Decorated with matching satin bow on front. Dating from 1890-1900. (length 133mm, height 41mm approx.)
Tipped with ostrich feathers dyed turquoise. The wooden sticks are painted white and decorated with a silver motif of stylised climbing flowers. About 1920. (length 150mm)
Fashion plate
Two women in afternoon dresses accompanied by a boy playing with a hoop. From the Petit Courrier des Dames, July 1858.
Woman's parasol
Cream silk cover with printed floral design. Top and bottom trimmed with woven silk borders and silk fringe. Cane stick and long ivory handle with carved decoration and curved end carved as a greyhound's head (image detail). Ivory rib tips and bell-shaped ferrule. Probably on a metal frame, painted white for a wedding. Dating from 1840-1850. (length 621mm)
Cabochon-cut imitation turquoises and white pastes in a pinchbeck setting. The central motif is a scallop shell, flanked by floral and leaf sprays. About 1800-1820. (63 x 184mm)
Graduated oval pink pastes in a pinchbeck setting incorporating a band of stamped floral ornament. Possibly Italian, about 1815-1825. (26 x 153mm)
Oval cabochon-cut imitation turquoises and white pastes in a pinchbeck setting. About 1810-1830. (38 x 150mm)
Top hat
Beaverskin with a felt band round the bottom of the crown. The inside of the hat has a silk lining and two inner bands, one quilted the other leather with lacing to secure the hat. 19th century. (height 159mm)
Man's waistcoat
Silk, embroidered in silk threads. This style of waistcoat was worn for formal occasions. The delicate floral decoration is typical of the late 18th century. Dated to about 1770.
Fashion plate
A man and a boy, Modes de Paris, June 1833.
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