Woman's shoes
Green silk and gold brocade. Around 1900.
Woman's chemise
White linen with a crochet trim. Dating from 1836-1880. (length 1050mm)
Woman's half crinoline
Striped cotton, covered metal hoops and a waistband with ties to fasten at front. Half crinolines were fashionable between 1870 and 1875. They were strapped around the waist and stood straight out at the back to add fullness to the skirt.
Fashion plate
A woman in full dress for the drawing-room, June 1777. Probably from Lady's Magazine.
Cruciform pendant
Garnets and rock-crystals in a gold setting. The hinged pendant loop is in the form of a crown, set with red and green garnets. Portuguese, 1830-1840. (70 x 31mm)
Flat-cut garnet pastes in a gilded setting, designed in seven pinnacles, each formed of three pastes, riveted to tortoiseshell comb. 1780-1830. (80 x 72mm)
Oval cabochon-cut cornelians above a row of coral beads in a pinchbeck setting and open-work in neo-classical style. French or Italian, about 1810-1825. (33 x 165mm)
Faceted coral beads in a pinchbeck setting. Probably Italian, about 1810-1825. (30 x 176mm)
Jewellery set
Necklace, detachable pendant/brooch and pair of earrings made from garnets in a gold setting. The design is based on laurel leaves and flower heads. The case is of red leather lined with cream velvet. English, around 1800-1810. (necklace 420mm, pendant 50 x 38mm, earrings 30 x 15mm)
Woman's shoes
Yellow leather with inserts of cream satin, Italian heel in cream kid. About 1795.
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