Yellow and black kid with Italian heels, lined with linen. From about 1790. (length 230mm)
Fashion plate
A gentleman in full dress, February 1777. Probably from Lady's Magazine.
Man's smoking cap
Blue/black velvet embroidered in satin stitch design of berries and leaves. A tassel hangs from the top centre. There is a quilted cotton lining. Dating from 1880-1900. (circumference 950mm)
Fashion plate
From an unknown magazine showing gentlemen's full and half dress for April 1807.
Woman's parasol
Green cotton cover with a stripe around edge, on a metal frame. Wooden stick jointed at top with a screw-on wooden handle with a brass metal ring and brass-coloured band at the joint. Handle has swirling patterns in the wood and bands of purple material and bone. Dating from 1900-1929.
Woman's shoes
Bronze satin. Heel has been removed by repairer. Sole inscribed with customer's name and address. About 1850-70.
Fashion plate
Depicting gentlemen's formal dress. Les Modes Francaises, Journal des Tailleurs, 1863.
Man's shoes
In brown leather with stacked heel, front flap with gilt bar across. Purchased in Ravel, London, 1975. (size 41)
Woman's shoes
Court style silk brocade dancing shoes, worn in Cheltenham around 1933-38. Label reads 'Slade, Bespoke Shoemaker, Cheltenham, Worcester and Cardiff, Established 1789.' (approx. size 6, 65mm heel)
Cocktail dress
Machine sewn in satin with a matching sash. Label reads 'Wards of Cheltenham. Mademoiselle Size 18'. Around 1955-1960.
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