Woman's bag
Rectangular metal mesh with vertical stripes of silver and gold, lined with peach silk. Gilt clasp and chain. Belonged to a pupil at Cheltenham Ladies College, probably given to her when she was presented at Court in 1906, aged 18. Around 1900. (150 x 170mm)
Black satin with hand painted design of insects and grasses, with a silk tassel hanging from the handle. About 1870-1880. (length 355mm)
Detail. Satin embroidered, around 1900.
Woman's dress
Separate skirt and bodice. Bodice trimmed with black netting, beading and sequins in fluid designs. Black satin skirt with train, silk lining. 1895-1895. (length 1616mm)
Black wooden sticks and guards with engraved gilt decoration, leaf of black net with sequins. Around 1850-1900. (length 320mm)
Woman's shoe
Bronze leather with bead trimmed tongue. Made by W. Sharpe & Co., Colonade House, Cheltenham.
Jewellery set
A necklace with pendant cross, a pair of drop earrings and a pair of bracelets made up of amethyst pastes in pinchbeck settings and wire mesh. Probably English or French, from 1830-1835. (necklace 480mm, pendant 50 x 38mm, earrings 35 x 16mm, bracelets 28 x 18 mm)
Mourning dress
Black silk, trimmed with looped braid, beads and ribbon. Victorians had strict rules concerning mourning. The first year of widowhood was spent in deep mourning. All clothing was made of black crepe, as it did not reflect the light, and no jewellery was permitted. Then followed a year of half mourning, when black silk dresses, such as this one, could be worn with suitably sombre jewellery. Dated around 1867. (length 1335 mm)
Mourning cape
Made of black woven silk. Organdie neck ties, hook and eye fastening at front. Label reads 'Mantlemakers/ Cavendish House Compy Ltd/ Cheltenham'. Around 1887.
Cruciform pendant
Eleven brilliant-cut white pastes in a gilded silver setting. This piece illustrates the remarkable simulation of diamonds achieved with fine-quality faceted paste. About 1800. (58 x 42mm)
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