Woman's bodice
White Indian muslin, embroidered with flattened silver wire. Intended to be worn with a stole (1956.98.38). About 1805-1810.
Woman's combinations
Cream cotton combinations, front opening fastened by seven buttons, reaching below knee length. Around 1890-1900. (length 1130mm)
Fashion plate
Women wearing the latest Paris fashions for walking and cycling costumes. Queen Magazine, May 1896.
Woman's shoes
Textured rubber beach shoes decorated with silver wings. Label on sole reads 'Phillips Silver Wing, Made in England.' Worn by donor as paddling shoes when she was a teenager in the 1930's. (length 230mm)
Fashion plate
Two women in walking dresses at the sea-side, accompanied by a young girl in a sailor suit. From Societe des Journaux de Modes Reunis, 1884-5.
Woman's parasol
Natural silk cover printed with design of birds, fruit and flowers. Wooden handle with bamboo end and blue and yellow silk tassel. Made by Liberty & Co., around 1920-1930. (length 720mm)
Woman's dancing shoes
Cream satin, made in Paris by Mayer, probably around 1830-1840.
Woman's bag
Netted with coloured glass beads forming a rose design with alternate bands of blue/brown beads radiating out from the bottom. Brown cotton crocheted top with brown ribbon drawstring. 1835-1850. (186 x 160mm)
Black fine wool long sleeved boned bodice with high neck and stand-up collar. Made by Shirer & Haddon, Cheltenham, about 1885.
Mother of pearl sticks and guards with pierced floral decoration. A cream silk leaf with central panel depicts two standing ladies, a servant holding a tray of refreshments and a seated gentleman in a glade. About 1780-1820. (length 265mm)
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