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Portrait of Artist watching her Two Children Grow by P J Crook

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My Family

by Jasmine, aged 10

Hello, my name is Anistatia Brooke and this is my Diary. To start with I’ll tell you about me and my family. Well, I absolutely adore ballet and my mother says I could be a famous ballet dancer! I am quite glad I have this family, even though I sometimes wish I didn’t.

There are six of us in my family. I have an adorable younger brother called Lucas and his only talent is to sit on our sky blue carpet all day long playing with his building blocks. Luckily for me I have also got a twin brother called William who is amazing at music, especially violin. Unfortunately it’s not just us three children – yes, we have to have a stuck-up 10-year-old sister called Charlotte. She says we are silly and old-fashioned. She never, ever joins in with us and at most peeps through the creaky doors, standing still in embarrassment.

But most of all the weirdest thing about my family is my parents – they are nothing alike. My mother Abigale met my father when he was working at a fete called The Punch and Judy Show! They fell deeply in love – result? Us! My father is a clown and that’s why Lucas loves him so much. My mother is a singer and can also play flute. Odd family, right? Well, hopefully now you get the whole picture.


My Family

by Imogen aged 12

Hi, my name is Amber. I am twelve years old and have quite a big family. I have a younger sister called Emily, she is always wearing a pink tutu! I have another younger sister called Anne, she is so sweet. She has just started in Reception and loves her uniform. She also LOVES our Dad (you will find out why soon).

I have a brother, aged ten, called Samuel. He is very musical but when he grows up he wants to be a sailor. Then, finally, the last of our massive family, little baby Charlie. He is quite boring, doesn’t really do much.

Now my parents – my mother got my brother into music, her name is Victoria, for short Vicki. She loves flowers and animals and she always has bare feet. My father – well his job is as a clown at the beach and he always has his puppets Punch and Judy. That’s why Anne loves him so much!

See, I think I’m the only sane one, ever. They are all crazy apart from little Charlie, but that’s because he is only a baby. I’m sure he’ll turn into one of them soon enough.

Dinner time, yes - the only time my weird and big family aren’t talking about crazy random things, such as inventing an egg that has another egg inside it when you’ve used one egg. Like an everlasting do over egg. Now that is CRAZY! They only won’t talk about it because, well, eating, duh!

I put on some blush because I wanted to tell my family that I got into boarding school – yes, I get to go away to live with other people! Well I looked in the mirror and started downstairs. Only when I got to the kitchen nothing was on the table or even cooking. 

Suddenly something crashed in the comfy room – burglars! I grabbed a saucepan, crept to the door and looked inside. I should have known, my family! They were dancing, playing catch and eating! What about me? Apparently I could only eat if I joined in, so I did.





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