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First World War

The Wilson holds important archives from the First World War. These include propaganda posters, postcards from the Front Line, albums from local Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) hospitals and stories of individual people, notably the Wilson family, revealed in their personal correspondence and possessions.  These give us a valuable insight into the part Cheltenham played in the conflict abroad and at home in the town. In the Arts and Crafts Movement collection, there are designs for war memorials in Gloucestershire and beyond.

You can discover many pages on the website about Cheltenham and the First World War and you can search our collections database to find out more. We’re constantly adding to the database, so there is always more to explore.

Our 2018-19 Open Archive exhibition ‘At Last Fighting is Over’ commemorated the First World War with archival material and objects telling the story of life on the front and at home. Whilst this exhibition is now closed information sheets from it can be found on our website.

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