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The Wilson – a place where everyone is welcome.

Monetary donations no matter how small contributes to the legacy of The Wilson – Cheltenham’s local art gallery and museum. As a charity The Wilson needs your support to continue to open its doors and provide enriching experiences for residents and visitors alike. It costs over £700,000 to run The Wilson Art Gallery and Museum each year, this enables us to provide high quality exhibitions, fascinating displays of our collection and enriching learning activity for all ages.

So to continue to be able to open our doors for generations to come we need your support.

Be inspired by the likes of the Baron de Ferrieres who kicked off the art Gallery side of The Wilson with a donation of 43 Dutch and Flemish Masters from the 17th century and £1000 in 1898; and Dr Edward Thomas Wilson who petitioned and helped open the Museum aspect of the gallery in 1907.

In the words of Dr Edward Thomas Wilson the museum “must have in it the inherent power of expansion and development” and a donation from you can make that possible.

£2 can help bring Children Trails to life or support #FirstThursdaysChelt events

£5 can purchase pencils for art activities held here

£10 can purchase a pack of melinex pockets for safe storage of paper items

£20 can purchase a new mount for an item of our collection to be displayed

£50 can purchase a specially made book support to display one of our books

Thank you!

Donations enable us to grow, encourage exploration and inspire curiosity.

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Donating to the Cheltenham Trust will support future art, culture and sport activity and much more…

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