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23rd November 2019 – 25th February 2020

Artists in Residence: The Gloucestershire Guild of Crafts

A part of Ernest Gimson: Observation Imagination and Making

Liz Lippiatt: Textiles

Residency 23 Nov – 4 Dec
Demonstration* 29 Nov, 11am – 3pm

Liz Valenti: Paper

Residency 6 Dec – 18 Dec
Demonstration* 12 Dec, 11.30 – 3pm

Bella Peralta: Woven Textiles

Residency 20 Dec – 3 Jan
Demonstration* 21 Dec, 11am – 4pm

Sue Bradley: Knitted Textiles

Residency 5 Jan- 15 Jan
Demonstration* 9 Jan, 11am – 3pm

Andy Moore: Calligraphy

Residency 17 Jan – 28 Jan
Demonstration* 17Jan , 11am – 3pm

Jan Knibbs: Embroidered Textiles

Residency 30 Jan – 11 Feb
Demonstration* 4 Feb, 10am – 4pm

Kristian Pettifor: Furniture

Residency 12 Feb – 25 Feb


*Demonstrations are drop in and free to exhibition ticket holders during normal gallery opening hours. Please check our website for festive season closures.

To find out more visit:

Exhibition Info

Tickets are valid only for day of purchase so if you want to see a particular artist on the day take note of their Residency dates.

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