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'At last fighting is over'

A new exhibition about the end of the First World War

‘At last fighting is over’ is a quotation from a letter sent by Bernard Wilson (the explorer’s older brother) to his mother in Cheltenham, written on 11 November 1918.
This collaborative exhibition with Cheltenham Borough Council, the brainchild of Neela Mann and the Cheltenham Local History Society, is made possible with a Heritage Lottery grant.

The Wilson collections, The Cheltenham Local History Society, The Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum and Cheltenham Ladies’ College have been brought together to commemorate the end of the First World War. Relevant material from the Emery Walker Library and Arts and Crafts Movement collections, including Ernest Gimson and Sidney Barnsley’s war memorial designs are also on show. A web-based exhibition showing the Wilson Family Collection diaries and letters will complement the displays.

The exhibition is hinged around one of our paintings, ‘A Relieved Platoon’ by artist Fred Roe.  This was commissioned as a memorial of the war by the Cheltenham Corporation in 1920. It has been on display at the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum for many years, and we are recalling it for this special exhibition.

You can find ‘At last fighting is over’ in the Open Archive (formerly known as The Paper Store).

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