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Sisterhood Exhibition

A celebration of extraordinary and diverse women from two contrasting communities

In light of the exceptional circumstances we have made our current exhibition Sisterhood available to enjoy as a virtual exhibition, please explore the portraits and become part of the #Sisterhood story here.

Photographer, filmmaker and artist Danielle Salloum is passionate about raising awareness about modern controversial issues from human rights and social equality, to the struggling environment and the rise of veganism. Mainly through artistic interpretation and portraiture Salloum brings exposure to the stories she feels strongly about, stories that are often under-represented in society. Her latest exhibition Sisterhood, held in partnership with The Wilson and Cheltenham Borough Homes, highlights many extraordinary and diverse women from Trinidad and Tobago and the Cheltenham borough, both locations where Salloum has strong links. Through Sisterhood Salloum strives to illuminate women’s roles beyond society’s often narrow interpretation, presenting a more encompassing view of women.  


Please visit the #Sisterhood virtual exhibition page, where you can browse the portraits –

*Opening Hours:

The exhibition is open during normal gallery opening hours.

Monday 9:30am–5:15pm (Galleries are closed)
Tuesday 9:30am–5:15pm
Wednesday 9:30am–5:15pm
Thursday 9:30am–7:45pm
Friday 9:30am–5:15pm
Saturday 9:30am–5:15pm
Sunday 11:00am–4:00pm

In addition to Monday closures, due to events, the exhibition will be closed to the public on the following dates:

12th (only be open until 6pm)

13th March

14th March

15th March

25th March

20th May

Ticket Price:

Free Entry  – You will find a ‘Pay what you feel’ donations box within the gallery, we welcome visitors to donate if you enjoyed your visit. All donations will support the Wilson in continuing to bring free creative and cultural activity to the community.

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