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28th January 2017 – 5th March 2018

The Order of Things

The Order of Things explores how artists have employed this approach to cross boundaries between art and science, engage with social and political issues and celebrate the material nature of the world in an age dominated by digital media.

Curated by leading contemporary artists, Andrew Bick, Katie Pratt and Jonathan Parsons,visitors are invited to contemplate ways of seeing, and to think about how we organise our lives, in relation to the world that we live in. The exhibition offers a thought provoking examination of abstract art in today’s society.

The artists draw inspiration from French philosopher, Michel Foucault’s 1966 book, Les Mots et Les Choses (literally translated, ‘words and things’) and the work chosen demonstrates how artists bring their own experiences to their practice both in terms of thought process and the methods they use in their making.

Joining Bick, Parsons and Pratt are a further ten eminent artists who are internationally recognised in their respective fields including: Rana Begum, Guy Bigland, Edith Dekyndt, AK Dolven, Adam Gillam, Paul Harrison & John Wood, Daniel Robert Hunziker, Maria Lalic and Neil Zakiewicz.

The exhibition is curated by Andrew Bick, Jonathan Parsons and Katie Pratt and includes their work alongside ten other international artists.

Organised in partnership with Practice as Research at The University of Gloucestershire.



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