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31st August 2021 – 31st August 2021

Tiaras – celebrating beautiful bling

Sparkling, bejewelled tiaras conjure up a picture of women in silk gowns, their jewels shimmering and sparkling in candlelight as they gracefully dance in the resplendent ballroom at Pittville. In this talk, curator Sophia Wilson will reveal how The Wilson acquired its collection of beautiful tiaras, how the fashion for wearing this head ornament evolved. She’ll look at who wore them and explore the occasions for which they were worn. The talk explores what tiaras can tell us about a particular time in the past, what they are made from and the techniques used to craft this decorative band that was deemed essential by any fashionable woman of the early 19th century.

Ticket price includes tea and coffee on arrival, and a lunch of salmon nicoise salad and soft drink. Pink Prosecco available for £4.50! Dietary options available, please email for dietary requirements

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